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Converting the garage of your home is in most cases the cheapest and easiest conversion of them all. You already have the external walls and a roof. All that is needed in most cases is the installation of insulation, a floor, wall and ceiling linings.

  • We measure the space available also checking the differences in floor heights etc.
  • We calculate the amount and type of insulation required to meet the building regulations.
  • We design the infill wall and specify the windows to replace the garage doors.
  • We detail the best method of constructing the insulated floor and other construction elements.

Once the design has been completed we will submit this for a building regulations approval on your behalf and will act as agent for the application. All you need to do at this stage is pay the building control fees and wait for the approval. In most cases these applications are hassle free.

At the end of the design process we can aid you with the selection of a suitable builder for your conversion project.


We are proud of the quality of service we provide. See example garage conversion plans.


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Garage conversion design plans

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